For decades, Charlie-Bob the Alligator lived at the heart of LSEM, in the courtyard fountain at the center of our building.  The Department of Agriculture, Wildlife & Fisheries supplied the museum’s fountain with turtles and fish and the alligator probably dates to the 1950s.  He was a popular attraction and museum staff developed a story program on how Charlie-Bob came to the museum.  However around the year 2000, the state relocated Charlie Bob and the staff of the State Fair agreed to take care of him.  The pond and house are within the Fair’s Petting Zoo, where there were two alligators in residence.  Charlie-Bob is probably at least 65 years old.  Without predators, alligators can live to 70-75 years and Charlie was a beloved and protected resident of the museum courtyard.

Charlie Bob and turtles in the LSEM fountain in 1978

Charlie Bob during the 1990s, not long before he moved to his current home

Charlie Bob happily settled at the State Fair