Each December, LSEM invites local third grade students to the museum for a day of holiday celebration. Each school decorates a Christmas tree with ornaments they have constructed in art class. Every year, a different theme for the decorations is chosen. After decorating their tree, students enjoy a play performed by museum staff and create their own ornaments to take home. The newly decorated trees are independently judged, with first place receiving $150, second place $100, third place $75, and a fourth place $50.

Due to Covid restrictions the last 2 years, the Greening has been postponed  until Dec. of 2022. For more information, please contact Cindy Grogan.

Cindy Grogan



Thursday, December 2, 2019 marked the 32nd  Annual Greening of the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum. The 20 attending school groups, amounting to more than 600 children, decorated trees around this year’s “Swamp Critters” theme.

This year’s winners are Southern Hills Elementary– 1st Place; N. Highlands Elementary – 2nd Place; Eden Gardens Magnet – 3rd Place; and Forest Hill Elementary – 4th Place.

Special thanks to the 2019 Greening sponsors: Citizens National Bank, Boomtown Casino & Hotel, Murphy-Payne Charitable Fund, and Dr. & Mrs. Ragan Green.  Our tree sponsors: Cypress Multimedia, LLC, Riverbend Rotary Club, Bossier Orthopedics, Brookshire Grocery Co., Super One Foods, Mary Cook Walker, John & Jane Hubbard, Delton Harrison, Jr., Merrilee S. Leatherman, Finesse Robinson and a donation in Memory of Marguerite Marston.