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Across the country, high school students participate in National History Day by submitting their independent research in this national competition. The theme this year  is Taking A Stand in History.  Students select their own topic, find the significance of their event in history and create a project in their chosen area: performance, documentary, research paper, exhibit or web site.   Read more about National History Day here or

There are three levels of competition: the regional, state and national. Every year, the Shreveport Regional portion of National History Day is held at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum.

For 2017’s National History Day, area students will bring their projects to the museum on Saturday, March 11, 2017 to be judged.   The winners of the regional competition will compete on the state level in New Orleans on April 8, 2017. Those winners will represent Louisiana for the final, national competition in Washington DC on June 11-15, 2017.

The Shreveport Regional winners from March 19th, 2016 are:

PAPERS (SENIOR-INDIVIDUAL):  Madeline Tinsley – 1st place
Mary North Jones  – 2nd place  Emily Hanish – 3rd place   David Lu – 3rd place

DOCUMENTARY (SENIOR–GROUP): Bayla Lanham & Mac Anderson – 1st place

EXHIBIT (SENIOR-GROUP):  Brian Chaupetta & Grasyn Turpin – 1st place

WEBSITE (SENIOR INDIVIDUAL): Kristina Taylor –  1st place   Alyssa Gusman – 2nd place

PERFORMANCE (SENIOR INDIVIDUAL):  Victoria Lowery – 1st place

Please contact Cindy Grogan with any questions.

Cindy Grogan