Transcripts of Civil War Documents

Third Supervising Special Agency, Treasury Department,
Office Local Special Agent,
Shreveport Louisiana August 14, 1865
K. M. Vanzandt Esqr.
Acting Treasury Agent


If you are satisfied after a careful investigation of the facts, that the Estate of S. Rhine has cotton in the Govt. Warehouse under your charge, you will issue to the proper party, a permit to ship the same, and I will approve it.

Very respectfully,

J.E. Tewell
Special Agent

Treasury Department

Office Special Local Agent, US Treasury Department, Marshall Texas July 24, 1865


You are hereby directed to proceed at once to ship from the Government Warehouse at this place. The Government cotton – in store in same – to B. F. Flanders Supervising Special Agent US Treasury Department at New Orleans to care of claimer James E. Tewell Special Local Agent of Shreveport La


K.M. Vanzandt

In charge-H. Stiler
Treasurey Agent

Treasury Department

Office Special Local Agent, US Treasury Department,
Marshall, Texas July 7 1865

K. M. Vanzandt

Deliver George K. Cook 12 Bales of cotton the same being balance of amount due him for money advanced to defray expense of collecting Government cotton.

TJ. Conatty
Treasury Agent

Third Supervising Special Agency, Treasury Department,
Office Local Special Agent,
Shreveport, LA, Aug. 16th, 1865
K.M. Van Zandt, Esq.
Acting _____ Special Agent
Marshall, Texas


Mr. Flanders has been superseded, and Mr. O. N Cutler appointed in his stead.

Close up the business of your Agency so far as the 3rd Agency is concerned to present date.

Commence your business in favor of O. N. Cutler, Esq., and await his orders.

I will write more fully tomorrow.

J.E. Tewell

Special Local Agent

Shreveport, July 27, 1865

Dear Sir:

The bearer, A.P. Gibbs, reports a lot of (42) bales of cotton in your district – He appears to be a worthy young man, and I hope you will make liberal terms with him for collecting and furnishing you the proof that this lot of cotton is Government cotton and for rushing it to you.

Chas E. Harvey

Carl VanZandt
Treasury Agent


Received Marshall, Texas, August 25, 1865 of K.M. VanZandt acting U.S. Treasury Agency twelve bales of cotton marked U.S.A. Which I am to deliver without delay to J.E. Tewell, U.S. Treasury Agent at Shreveport, La at $4.50 per bale.


J.M. ——?

Headquarters U.S. Forces
Marshall, Texas, August 21, 1865
Captain in charge of Government warehouse,

Permit the bearer to get one government saddle.

By order of
Josiah A. Sheetz

Brevet Brigadier General
James T. C. Watson, Sr.
Ama. A. A. A. General

Department of the Gulf
U.S. Military Telegraph Office,
Marshall, August 17, 1865
By Telegraph from Shreveport

To K.M. VanZandt

From evidence before you do you think Rhines seventeen bales is really government cotton? Answer.

W.S. Coleman

15 paid 1.50

Department of the Gulf
U.S. Military Telegraph Office,
Marshall, July 20, 1865
By Telegraph from Shreveport

To C.K. VanZandt

Please hasten forward this cotton and give personal attention to the quality and condition of that sent.

E. Hobart

17 words cost 1.70

Top Photo Credit: Artist, C.E.H. Bonhill, sketch published in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, New York, May 21, 1864.

Headquarters Northern Division Louisiana
Shreveport, La June 9, 1865
General Orders # 23

Persons having in their possession Confederate Government or State cotton, will immediately notify the agent of the US Treasury Department at this place and turn the same over to him.

Persons having knowledge of any such cotton are required to make immediate report of its locality. If, after 30 days from the date hereof, any such cotton that has not been reported is found in the possession, or on the premises of any person, they will be arrested and punished.

All arms which were the property of the late Confederate Government, including muskets, pistols, and sabres, must be delivered to the Ordinance Officer, and any person retaining possession of such after 30 days from the date of this order, will be arrested and summarily dealt with.

By promptly notifying the officers of the US of the locality of such property of the Confederate Government as was included in the terms of the late surrender, citizens will sooner receive the benefits of unrestricted trade and civil Government.

Prompt measures will be taken to bring to punishment any person or persons guilty of riotous or lawless conduct, and paroled Confederate soldiers are cautioned to refrain from any interference with citizens, and to remain quietly at their homes, strictly —————— parole.

Any persons committing depredations upon citizens or property, if captured will be promptly and severely punished.

By command of Major General HERRON,
WM. R. CLAPP, Capt. & A.A. Gen

Department of the Gulf

U.S. Military Telegraph Office

Marshall Aug 5 1865

By Telegraph from Henderson “       “

To K.M. Vanzandt

Treasury Agnt

Send my claim by mail this morning.

H.C. Hysnson

Treasury Agent

7w chgd 100

Office Supervising Special Agent Treasury Dept.
3rd Agency
Marshall Texas June 19, 1865

To All Whom It May Concern;

All persons having in their possession Cotton purchased by the Agents of the so called Confederate or State Governments, are hereby required to report said Cotton immediately to the undersigned, “Local Special Agents” of the Treasury Department.

By order of Benjamin F. Flanders, Supervising Special Agent of the Treasury Department, Third Agency

John Coates,

Local Special Agent, Treasury Department

[Extract from General Orders No. 61, Military Division West Mississippi.]

III To guard against the waste or loss of public property, not under the control of the Confederate Military and Naval Authorities, the Civil Officers or Agents in charge of such property, will be regarded as in the service of the United States, until relieved by the proper officers or agents of that Government. All sales of such property or transfers, except to the authorized agents of the Government, are forbidden, and any attempt to conceal or withhold it, will work the immediate forfeiture of any private interest that may be involved.

“Rare original general orders from; “

  1. HDQ Northern Division of Louisiana June 9, 1865 Order No. 23 Shreveport LA Advising persons having in their possession C.S. or State cotton are to notify the agent of US Treasury Department within 30 days or will be arrested. Signed: Major General Herron
  2. US Military Telegraph from Henderson to K. M. Vanzandt send my claim – Marshall, Texas Aug 5 1865. Signed: Treasury Agent H. C. Hysnson
  3. Special Agent of Treasury Department 3rd Agency Marshall Texas June 19 1865 All persons having in their possession cotton purchased by agents of so called C.S. Government to report it immediately to US Treasury Agent John L. Coates