Rent the East Wing Auditorium

Graduations, dance recitals, concerts, plays and public forums have all been hosted in our recently refurbished auditorium.

There are 333 theater style seats and 8 handicap spots in the auditorium.


  • The wooden stage is 17 feet deep and 30 feet wide.
  • A ceiling to stage green velvet curtain is 10.5 feet from the front edge of the stage.

Technical Systems

  • Ceiling mounted projector, with a stage to ceiling projection screen
  • Yahama sound mixing console (MG 24/14 fx)
  • Smartfade 1248 light board
  • DVD player

Rent the Museum Rotunda or Grounds

  • For your next reception, wedding, reunion or special event.
  • The museum rotunda can hold 800+ people for your event.
  • Please call McKenzie Curtis at the museum for availability, fees, and Covid 19 restrictions.

All systems are controlled from the upstairs projection room. The projector can be controlled from the stage itself.

We now have WiFi throughout the museum.

For availability and pricing, please contact McKenzie Curtis at 318-632-2020 or