LSEM’s exhibit on Louisiana Insects is composed of five sub-exhibits, each loaned by various organizations and individuals from North Louisiana. Together, these exhibits educate visitors on the variety of Insects in Louisiana, and how humans depict insects in art and literature.

To schedule a hands on presentation about Louisiana Insects given by Dr. Michael Hall, an expert entomologist from the LSU Ag Center, please contact Cindy Grogan at or at 318-632-2020

For More Information:

Habitats of Louisiana Insects and Insects in Literature
Michael Hall, Ph.D. Entomologist, LSU Ag Center
David Moore, Botanist, Kisatchie National Forest
Neil Johnson, Photographer

Insect Jewelry & Artwork
Victoria Moseley Bayless, Curator
Louisiana State Arthropod Museum, Baton Rouge

Amazing Town Ant
JoAnne Percy Barrett & Stacy R. Blomquist, Entomologists
Erich Vallery, Photographer
John C. Moser, Ph.D., Research
USDA Forest Service, Pineville

Forest Insects
Wood Johnson, Entomologist
USDA Forest Service, Pineville